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Leadership coaching is a vital ingredient for the success of any organisation!

If a leader is deemed crucial to an organisation’s success, whether a school or a business, then leadership coaching should be compulsory! As we know, coaching is not new – it is an innate human capacity and a teachable skill-set (Coaching Pacific, 2018). The employment landscape has shifted since the 70s and personal development has taken centre stage with a focus on emotional intelligence and inter/intrapersonal skill development. Employees are no longer treated as commodities and are now viewed as contributors to the well-being of an organisation. Complex employee related issues, the exponential growth in technology and the fast-paced, high stress work environment have impacted significantly on leaders.

Overtime, organisational, team and individual coaching has become widely regarded, across the globe, as essential for the success of an organisation offering an effective system to improve team collaboration, work productivity and produce successful outcomes.


This year I had the opportunity to undertake the Executive and Organisational Coaching Course to grow my skills as a leadership coach.


The course, undertaken both face to face and online, over a six-month period, was daunting, challenging, confronting, personal, invigorating, stressful and hugely rewarding both professionally and personally.


We learnt that the core principles of effective coaching are:

  • Accountability
  • Coachee generated goals and actions
  • Self-discovery
  • Future focused
  • Quality feedback
  • Confidentiality


As part of the training, you were expected to practice and hone your coaching skills face to face and online, receiving constructive feedback. You also needed to coach leaders externally. I have had the pleasure and privilege of coaching a mix of leaders both inside and outside of my organisation over the past 5 years. A real grow-th process!

Relationships growth chart

From my coaching experience I now know:

Leadership coaching works!

Leadership coaching can be an integral part of employee appraisal.

Leadership coaching equals success.

Leadership coaching is a collaborative, personalised process that facilitates new thinking to cause positive change

Leadership coaching empowers both the coachee and the coach.

But wait! What did my coachees think of this process?

Insights from the coaching sessions:

The coaching model supports me and the school moving forward.

… the coaching sessions and dedicated time helped it happen (steps towards

When you must be coherent for the coach it gives you the opportunity to make it coherent for yourself.

I am realising the power of coaching (after 3 sessions) as a model to be used in schools alongside appraisal and potentially with students.

It is okay to share personal situations with others to gain understanding and empathy.

To realise personal ‘curve balls” are a reality. You need to prioritise your time and energy.

I now realise things are under control, I don’t need to worry about stuff.

When unexpected challenges arise, it is “how” you cope with them that is important.

I need to take self-care seriously and make it a priority.

A valuable takeout from the coaching session:

On reviewing my week, I get a sense of achievement and I am going into the weekend thinking wow! Lots of plusses and I now have a sense of energy.

A feeling of positivity … is now more doable!

We are never alone – the power of real collaborative action (that is, the coaching partnership).

The coaching process has enabled the continued momentum towards achieving my goals.

Eat the elephant one bite at a time!

Get off the dance floor and onto the balcony to be able to guide others and keep the big picture in mind.

The structure of the coaching sessions has helped me to put the pieces together and work through the documentation and review process.

I am over-thinking and putting too much pressure on myself.

I value the guiding and the opportunity to say personal things.

The power of breaking it (goals) down!

Being in a safe place to speak.

Post-coaching evaluation comments: What aspects of your coaching experience have created most value for you? To be able to talk about situations and then make a clear decision about the next steps to take. It has helped me to get on top of my workload. What have you been most able to apply to your day-to-day work outside the coaching sessions? I have used some of the coaching strategies when mentoring a member of my team. It was great to see this approach instilled confidence in her. Using my coaching journal to check in on my goals to give me direction for using my office time and prioritising my goals. Any final comments you would like to make about your coaching experience or the potential further use of executive coaching in the organisation? I have found this coaching so beneficial. In my job, I feel I am expected to always know the next step, but being able to clearly think through what I want to do and how to achieve it has helped me immensely. I would like to continue as this has developed my leadership skills.
I now know that Leadership Coaching is a key leadership competency and a key ingredient for organisational success!

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